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Affordable Ways to Heat You Pool

Learn how you can keep your pool warm without breaking the bank. Even though most pools are equipped with a heater, running it constantly can be an expensive way to keep your pool comfortable.  Looking for a more affordable way to heat up your pool ...

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How to Close and Winterize Your Pool

Learn how you can prepare your pool for the winter. As temperatures drop, it’s time to get your pool ready to close for the winter.  While saying goodbye to your summer swims might be a little sad, the actual process of winterizing your pool ...

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Reasons to be Thankful for Your Pool

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some reasons why you should be thankful for your pool. Thanksgiving is a day to show your gratitude for your loved ones and all your blessings.  This year, make sure you remember to be grateful for your pool as ...

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Facts About Pool Heating

Learn how to keep your pool heated and comfortable. Heating your pool is one of the best ways to ensure you can enjoy comfortable swims at your leisure.  However, heating your pool requires more consideration than simply turning up the ...

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Swimming Pool Filter Basics

Learn more about your pool’s filter. Your pool is constantly exposed to foreign matter and contamination.  However, your filter works hard to keep your pool water clean and pristine.  Your pool’s filter is an integral part of your pool system, ...

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Facts, Myths, and Advice: Earthquakes and Swimming Pools

Learn the truth about earthquakes and your pool. If you live in California, then you know that earthquakes are a very real risk.  However, do your best not to stress too much.  Use this information to learn how an earthquake will affect your pool ...

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Landscaping Ideas for Pool Areas

Learn which plants will give your pool the pop it needs. Does your pool area look a little drab?  Then a little bit of landscaping might help spruce things up a bit!  When selecting the right plants for your pool area, it’s important to choose ...

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How to Clean Your Pool’s Tile at the Waterline

Is your pool looking a little worse for wear?  Learn how you can get your pool’s tiles looking great again. If you have a swimming pool, then you know that your pool’s tiles  can get pretty dirty.  The waterline, the place where the water ...

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Get to Know the Parts of Your Swimming Pool

Learn more about the different parts of your swimming pool. Even if you personally maintain your swimming pool, you may not be very familiar with all the parts you’re working with.  Read on to take some of the mystery out of your swimming pool. ...

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