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Residential Chemical Services for
Chlorinated and Salt Water Pools

Can You Afford Not To Use Our Services?

Clean And Clear Pools provides the best available water chemistry service for algae and bacteria control. We also balance the water within the generally accepted swimming pool industry standards. With our basic chemical service, we do not empty the baskets, clean the filters or clean the pool, however, those services are available. See our “Services and Rates” or call our office for additional pricing. With a quality pool sweep and proper chlorination, you will find that a very minimal effort will be needed on your end, in most cases.

Get Ready for Summer with These Pool Maintenance Tips
Check Up on your Pool's Water Quality for Health & Safety

Scheduled Weekly Pool Visits

Clean And Clear Pools will visit your pool once a week on the same day of each week. The only exception to this scheduling is during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years which is the time our employees take off for vacation. During that time, we take all necessary precautions in the prior weeks to insure that your pool water chemistry remains balanced throughout those holidays.

Check Up on your Pool's Water Quality for Health & Safety

Free Service When you Refer a Friend

We offer a Referral Program which will extend to you one month’s free chemical service if you recommend us to a friend or family member who uses our service for at least three (3) months. Be sure your friend tells us that you sent them.

Pool Benefits for Your and Your Family to Enjoy

Weekly Chemical Services
Includes the Following

Keeping your pool professionally balanced at all times

Pool Water tested weekly for PH and Alkalinity, Chlorine and Calcium Levels

Only the purest and finest chemicals are put into your pool

Complete algae assessment and recommended treatment if needed

Highly skilled service personnel

Communication to our customers when we see a problem with any of the pool equipment, filters or pool water levels

Conditioning (Note: Conditioning is an additional cost per year. The amount of conditioning required depends on addition of fresh water.)

Our Residential Service Rates

Services Price Terms
Monthly Chemical Service
(once a week)
$95.00 Monthly
Monthly Chemical w/ Baskets
(once a week)
$110.00 Monthly
Filter Program
(includes chemical service weekly &
bi-annual filter cleaning)
$115.00 Monthly
Filter Plus Program
(includes chemical service weekly,
baskets & bi-annual filter cleaning)
$125.00 Monthly
Full Service***
(includes skimming, brushing, bottom debris/leaf removal by vacuuming or otherwise, emptying skimmer baskets and pool cleaner bag)
$190.00 (Price based on backyard environment) Monthly
Conditioning Separate One-time Charge Annual
Equipment Repair & Replacement Call Per Job
Service Call Standard $125.00 Per Hour

***Full Service is quoted on a “Per Pool Basis”. Every backyard environment has different needs. We will assess your yard, your pool equipment and your “need to haves” prior to quoting a monthly full-service price. Full service can consist of; chemical service, basket service, skimming, brushing, scooping and vacuuming as needed with bi-annual filter cleaning.

Areas We Service

San Ramon

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