Don’t Get A-Salted: Professional Services Can Keep Your Salt Water Pool in Balance

Pool at NightMany pools owners find they prefer salt water pools. Maintaining a comfortable salt level often proves to be a challenge, though.

Optimal Salt Water Levels
A salt water pool should have a salt level of about 2500 to 4000 parts per million (ppm). Adding too much salt is a common mistake. Owners often add too much salt because they overestimate how much water is in the pool. In addition, some natural conditions, including storms, can dump additional salty water into a pool.

You may not notice any change in your daily swim, or in the taste of the water. A high salt level can play havoc with pool equipment, however. Very high levels can corrode metal on drains, railings and electrical equipment. Some salt water pumps are designed to shut down if the salt level is too high.

Cutting Back on Salt
Once the salt has been added, it’s not going anywhere by natural causes. Minerals will dissolve into the water, but will not evaporate. Owners have three basic choices:

1) Add more fresh water to the pool. More water will reduce the salt level. Unfortunately, it’s a guessing game to determine how much water to add. Pouring too much water in can create a need for more salt, starting the guessing cycle over again.

2) Drain the pool. This method can prove useful if the pool is already full. The water level can be lowered and fresh water added until the correct salt level is reached. Again, this method involves a trial-and error approach.

3) Contact a professional. Professional pool cleaning services have ample experience in diluting, draining and refilling pools to reach an optimal salt level. Expert service techs can help correct the problem before equipment corrodes or identify where corrosion has already happened. If high salt levels are a recurring problem, a pool service tech can work with the owner to determine the reason.

To learn more about salt water pool services in Danville and Northern California, contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc.

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