How Long Will My Pool Equipment Last?

Pool owners may be wondering how long their pool equipment will last. In general, pool equipment actually lasts quite a long time. 

How long will my pool pumps last?

Pool pumps will usually last around ten or twelve years. However, the motors within your pool pump may occasionally need to be replaced. There are ways you can tell that your pump needs to be replaced. If your pump is going through motors faster than it should be, or has gone through several motors over its life, it’s likely that it’s time to replace it. Plastic pumps will also warp, showing that they are ready to be replaced.

How long will my pool motors last?

There are different types of pool motors. Copper motors will usually last about three to five years, but these motors are not preferred because they waste a lot of energy. More modern, magnetic pool motors will last anywhere from six to ten years. 

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