As we move into the cooler fall months, make sure that you adjust your pool maintenance routine accordingly.

Clean and Assess

At the end of every season, it’s a good idea to do a thorough pool cleaning.  Vacuum the bottom of your pool and brush the walls and tiles.  Now is also a good time to make sure that your pool is in good order.  Check your pool’s filter and heater and look out for any leaks.

Remove Fallen Leaves

Naturally, fall pool cleaning requires a lot more removal of leaves and other debris.  When leaves build up in the pool, they can create an environment that is particularly suited for algae growth.  Additionally, when leaves sink to the bottom of your pool, they can stain your tiles and cause unsightly discoloration.

Adjust Heating

During the warm summer months, many pool owners find that the heat from the sun is enough to keep their pool at a comfortable temperature.  However, as temperatures begin to drop in the fall, it might be necessary to adjust your pool’s heating accordingly.  To keep costs as low as possible, leave your pool covered at night to conserve heat.

Monitor Pool Chemistry

Lower temperatures mean that your pool experiences less evaporation.  This also means that your pool requires fewer chemicals than it did during summer.  Monitor your pool’s pH and chemical levels to ensure you have the right balance.

Prepare Pool Cover

Inspect your pool cover and make sure that it’s ready for the winter.  While it may seem like winter is still far off, it’s better to prepare your pool cover sooner rather than later.  Look for cracks and damage in your old pool cover and determine if it’s still okay to use.  If you’re shopping for a new winter cover this year, learn about your different options and purchase your pool cover before the winter months set in.

Keep these easy tips in mind as you prepare for fall, and don’t forget to contact the professionals at Clean and Clear Pools to ensure that your pool is ready for the season.

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