5 Tips For Revamping Your Inground Pool Space!

If you are an in-ground pool owner, you have probably thought about renovating your pool space. However, can you do this without breaking the bank? Clean and Clear Pools is here to tell you that you can…and it’s pretty easy! We want you to be in love with your pool area. It should be your retreat! Here are 5 easy ways to freshen up your inground pool space:
1. Reevaluate your lighting! Even the smallest lighting changes can make all the difference. By using programmable LED lights, you can reduce glare. Additionally, you can choose from different colors, which can be a hoot when planning summer pool parties! But don’t stop there- think about the lighting you use around your pool as well. Pick a low-voltage light and watch your energy expenditure decrease, while the ambience goes from dull to classic.
2. Upgrade your pool pump to one that is energy efficient. Your expenses will decrease, and so will the noise produced by your pump. The IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump is a great, and quiet option!
3. Maximize the space around your pool by putting together a seating area. Purchase some outdoor furniture that can withstand water, and back it up right against your pool. Consider buying a table to serve food at when your guests want to take breaks from swimming.
4. Be smart about your landscaping. If you plant flowering trees, you will create a lot of work for yourself as the petals will constantly end up in your pool. They can also attract bees, which may sting your guests! Ask your landscaper for some better options when designing your yard.
5. Modernize your pool tiles! Glass tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles.
Make sure your pool is ready for all of your summer get togethers! Give Clean and Clear Pools a call for any assistance you may need!

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