6 Benefits of Water Workouts

Get in the water and get in shape.

Are you bored with traditional workouts?  Then maybe it’s time for you to shake up your exercise routine and consider the benefits of water workouts.  From deep water running to water aerobics, here are some of the advantages of moving your next sweat session to the pool.

Reduce Impact on Your Body

While conventional land-based exercise can place high impact stress on joints and muscles, water’s buoyancy helps to reduce the amount stress placed on your body.  Because water workouts are generally low impact, they can reduce the muscle soreness, stress fractures, and other injuries that often accompany exercise that takes place on land.

Increase Strength

Water provides resistance to motion in all directions.  This means that every movement made while immersed in water provides a certain degree of strength training.  Additionally, water’s resistance is proportional to the amount of effort exerted upon it, so as your strength increases, resistance increases as well.

Increase Flexibility

Because all body movements must contend with the resistance of water, the body’s joints increase their range of motion.  Studies have shown that older adults experience significant improvements in their flexibility after participating in water aerobic exercises.

Burn Calories

Because moving in water requires a mix of strength and cardio, aquatic workouts offer a more comprehensive exercise routine.  These all-in-one exercise regimens mean that you burn more calories than you would on dry land.

Relieve Stress

While water workouts have many undeniable physical benefits, it’s important to remember the mental and emotional benefits of water-based exercise as well.  Watching bodies of water in motion, or simply being near water tends to have a soothing effect on overstressed minds and frayed nerves.

Keep these physical and mental benefits of water workouts in mind for the next time you find yourself dragging your feet at the gym.  Remember to contact the friendly team at Clean and Clear Pools to make sure that your pool is ready for your new exercise routine.

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