Avoid “Mow and Blow” Pool Problems With These Seven Tips

Mow & Blow pool tipsSummer is on the way, and if you are like most people, you are probably looking forward to getting back in the pool after taking a few months off for winter. However, summer also means that the grass will start growing once again, and you will either have to cut it yourself or pay a landscaper to do it for you. One challenge that pool owners must address is the “mow and blow” phenomenon.

When grass is cut near a pool, it is not uncommon for grass clippings to be blown into the water. A few hours after it gets in the pool, it sinks to the bottom and begins to oxidize and decompose. If the grass has been recently fertilized, the clippings will introduce phosphates and other chemicals to the pool water. Phosphates fuel algae growth, and algae consumes chlorine. Something as simple as grass clippings can introduce a whole bundle of pool problems to your pristine waters. Your crystal clear pool can turn into a green, cloudy cocktail of algae, grass clippings, and lawn chemicals just a few days after the grass is cut.

Here are seven solutions to the summer “mow and blow” problem.

1. If possible, keep grassy areas two or three yards away from the pool.

2. Speak to the landscaper about the problem, suggesting that they make an effort to blow clippings away from the pool. Gardeners who don’t own pools may never have realized that it was an issue. Ask if they can skim grass clippings from the pool with a net after mowing.

3. Run the pool skimmer for several hours after mowing is completed.

4. Ask the landscaper to use a bagging mower.

5. Replace grass around your pool with low-maintenance ground covers that need little or no mowing.

6. Install generous walkways around the entire perimeter of the pool. This will help avoid grass clippings being tracked into the pool on swimmers’ feet.

7. Plant a hedge or flower garden around the pool to shield the pool from blowing grass clippings.

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