Change Your Pool Filter To Keep Your Water Clear

When you first buy a new pool, the water looks so crystal clear and inviting that you just can’t seem to stay out of the refreshing water. Yet one of those tedious tasks to keep the water clear involves cleaning the filter or filtration system. If you don’t, you will find yourself spending less time in the liquid depths.

Why is it important to clean the filter?

All types of foreign matter such as algae, dirt, sand and other particles get into the water from your feet, body and the wind. All this foreign matter can make the pool water dirty and unhealthy to swim in. Pool filters help to clean out the matter by continuously filtering the water through the system. The particles get trapped inside the filter as you have clean and safe pool water to swim in.

Unfortunately, pool filters aren’t self-cleaning. Particles can clog up the filter or extended use can cause the filter to fray, flatten or become broken. Maintaining your filters by occasionally cleaning them will ensure the optimal pressure flows through as it will extend the life of your filter.

For more information about pool filters and filtration in Danville and the surrounding California areas, please contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc. at 925-225-1070.

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