Spring Party? Here are fun decorations for the pool!

Are you planning Spring parties anytime soon? If so, here are a few fun pool decorations!

  • Floating candles or lights make the perfect addition to your backyard party when hosting an Easter dinner, graduation party or wedding reception.
  • Floating colored balloons are a great decoration for the pool. For a night party, try putting a glow stick in them, and then filling with air.
  • For a more cosmic pool decoration, change your pool lightbulb to a purple or neon orange, sometimes you can get a light that changes colors every few seconds!
  • Of course the classic decoration is pool floaties. Try a few easter eggs or blow up swans and let them be the life of the party!
  • For an even more romantic mood, you could add a few rose petals to the pool, along with your floating candles.

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