Comparison and Contrast of Mesh and Vinyl Pool Covers

Which is better, a mesh or vinyl pool cover? A brief comparison and contrast between the two will help you decide.

Advantages of Mesh Covers

Mesh covers usually cost less than the vinyl ones. In fact, you could pay at least $200, and possibly up to $600 more for one. However, inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. High-quality ones last up to 15 years. Furthermore, they do not require a pump because the water passes right through them. Furthermore, the light material makes for easier placement over the pool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Covers

A vinyl pool cover will not allow sun through it. Therefore, fewer algae will grow in the water during springtime. Furthermore, it helps keep out all debris, dirt and rain. It also requires less vacuuming, brushing, chemicals and filtering.

If you need help deciding what type of pool cover you need, please contact Clean and Clear Pools, Inc. We help California residents throughout the pool installation and maintenance process. 

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