Cool Weather Maintenance for Your Pool

piscinaNow that the hot summer weather has come to an end, it is a good time to make sure your pool is ready for the fall and winter seasons. Since you will most likely not be using your pool as much during these cold months, it is important to know what to do to properly prepare. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that your pool stays looking and working its best all through the cold season.

  • Keep using your pool. If you choose to keep operating your pool in the fall and winter, keep in mind that it will mean spending more money on the heating system of your pool. It will also require more cleaning since the trees in your yard will be dropping more leaves.
  • Cover your pool. While you will still have to keep the filter of your pool running while the pool is covered, it will help to dramatically decrease the amount of leaves and other debris that fall into your pool. There are many options of pool covers including mesh covers and safety nets, which will keep debris out but let rainwater in. You can also use a solid cover that does not allow anything to get in the pool, which will to keep it clean and keep balanced PH levels. If you choose to cover your pool, make sure to still check it at least once a month to ensure that the filters are running correctly and the water stays clear.

Even though you will not be using your pool as much, it is still important to make sure the filtration and circulation systems are working properly. Also, make sure to brush or vacuum the bottom of the pool to keep the lining clean.

Contact the professionals at Clean and Clear Pools for all of your pool needs in these colder seasons! We can help to ensure that your pool will stay in its best condition.

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