Keep Critters Out of Your Pool

Keep Critters Out of The Pool Danville CAStop Sharing Your Pool with Local Wildlife

Large bodies of water, such as a swimming pool, are a natural habitat for many animals. Unfortunately, this means finding a few friendly faces in your pool! Removing a snake from the water is not ideal before taking a swim, so read below for tips on how to keep critters away from your pool.

Snakes: Unless you have an easy step or a ramp to slither in, most snakes fall into pools by accident. Keep them away from your pool area with these home remedies:

  • Spread Granular Sulfur around the outside of the perimeter of the pool deck. The serpents hate the smell.
  • Use cloves or dried garlic to edge the pool deck for the same effect.
  • Plant mint leaves and lemongrass – snakes hate the stuff!

Frogs: Frogs love the water! A few tips to reduce your leaping frog visits is to use a rubber snake (this will scare the frogs off!), or to sprinkle DE filter powder along the outer deck edge or in the planters as frogs do not like high chlorine or low pH levels.

Ducks: While these visitors are cute to look at, they are also some of the messiest! If you post a few plastic Owl sentries around, the ducks may avoid your home altogether. If that doesn’t work, locate the product “Duck Off” which changes the surface tension of the water for ducks, but is unnoticeable to humans.

Bugs: Products are available that alter the water surface tension so that bugs steer clear of your pool!

If you battle with creatures in the back garden in Northern California, be sure to use these tips for an effective and humanitarian way of keeping your pool off limits!

In addition, Clean and Clear Pools can help your pool to stay sparkling and critter-free all year long! Visit us in Danville, California or give us a call today!

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