Causes of a Cloudy Pool

Azure water under bright noon sun with rainbow colors reflectionsMany Issues Can Cause a Cloudy Pool

Cloudy pool water is one of the most common issues that pool owners face. Pool water should always be clear enough to allow you to see straight down to the bottom of the pool. Cloudy pool water is one of the main signs that your pool is not safe to swim in.

There are many issues that can contribute to a cloudy pool, including:

  • A dirty pool – one of the biggest reasons that your pool water may be cloudy is simply because it is dirty. Leaves and other organic debris that fall into your pool can deteriorate in the water, upsetting the overall balance. Skim out all debris at least once a week and keep your filters and baskets clean.
  • Unbalanced chemistry – if the chemistry of your pool is out of balance, your pool water can get cloudy. Knowing what is causing the unbalance will help you figure out what needs to be fixed and what the next step is. Most chemistry issues are either related to PH levels or the sanitizer in your pool.
  • Filtration issues – if your pool filtration system is not working properly, it can lead to cloudy water. Cleaning and replacing filters in your pool as often as necessary can help to keep the water as clear as possible.
  • Issues with circulation – if the circulation system of your pool is not working properly, it will not correctly distribute the chemicals through your pool, leading to cloudy water. Make sure that the return fittings are in the proper position to keep the circulation system working properly.

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