Facts, Myths, and Advice: Earthquakes and Swimming Pools

Learn the truth about earthquakes and your pool.

If you live in California, then you know that earthquakes are a very real risk.  However, do your best not to stress too much.  Use this information to learn how an earthquake will affect your pool or spa.

What happens to your pool during a quake?

During an earthquake, the water in your pool will slosh around pretty dramatically.  This sloshing is known as “seiche.”  Seiches can last for a few moments or for several hours and can continue long after the intense shaking of a quake has passed.

What do I do after the shaking has stopped?

During an earthquake, the actual shaking only lasts about a minute.  However, you should expect aftershocks (smaller trembles) to roll through the ground following a major quake.  Once all the shaking has stopped and it’s safe to move about, put on a pair if sturdy, closed-toed shoes and check for any hazards.  In your pool area, look for dangers such as fire, gas leaks, or any electrical issues.

How can I tell if my pool is damaged?

If you pool or spa is damaged during an earthquake, there probably won’t be any obvious signs.  You probably won’t see water gushing out of your pool and flooding your backyard.  However, there are smaller signs of damage such as the slow decrease of your pool’s waterline.  Other things to look out for are cracked tiles, soggy areas near your pool or spa, and any malfunctioning pool equipment.

Can I predict an earthquake?

If you live in California, you’ve probably heard people talk about “earthquake weather.”  Unfortunately, earthquake weather isn’t a real phenomenon and there isn’t any change of weather that will indicate a coming earthquake.  Earthquakes are notoriously unpredictable and there still isn’t a way to accurately forecast when a quake might hit.  The best thing you can do it to be prepared for an earthquake at all times.

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