Health Benefits Provided By Hot Tubs

Spa Benefits

Hot tubs are much more than just a way to relax at the end of a long day. Hot tubs have tons of health benefits! While modern hot tubs are much different than the original natural mineral spas, they still provide the same positive effects. Consider installing a hot tub in your yard to start enjoying these hot tub health benefits.

  • Buoyancy – each day, tons of weight is put on all of your joints simply by standing and walking. When you sit in a spa, almost 90 percent of your weight is supported, taking the strain off of all of your joints. Taking the pressure off your joints gives them time to relax and recuperate.
  • Heat – the heat of spas can help your body in many ways. As your body warms up when sitting in a spa, your blood flow increases and blood vessels dilate, which helps to lower your blood pressure. The hot water will also allow your muscles to relax deep down. Since the temperature in a spa stays constant, your warmed blood is able to get deep into your muscles to allow them to relax. As your body temperature increases, it also leads to muted senses, which can help to relieve pain throughout your body.
  • Hydrotherapy – jets in hot tubs are all different sizes and have different pressures and configurations. All the jets are designed to hit certain areas of your body to pinpoint muscles that are tight or sore. The jets in a spa can work like a massage to soothe sore muscles and get you feeling your best.

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