How to Clean up an Unused Pool in Five Steps

If you want to bring an unused pool back to life, it usually just requires a little bit of direction and a fair amount of effort. If there’s still water in the pool, follow the six steps described below.

  1. Skim the top. You can use a hand skimmer to remove any leftover floating debris before running a pool filter. It also removes clumps of leaves, branches and other items that could clog the filter pump.
  2. Run a filter pump. It will remove small pieces of debris, bugs, litter, leaves and dirt not scooped out by hand. It also provides preliminary removal of harmful pathogens that cause sickness.
  3. Replace or clean the filter. If you don’t notice much improvement after using your pump, check the filter. If it’s dirty, clean it off or replace it.
  4. Clean the surfaces with a vacuum attachment. The easiest way to do this is attach a vacuum made for your filtering system. It helps remove the algae from the sides and bottom of the pool.
  5. Add chlorine to the pool. Do this, but make sure you measure the chemical levels before you do. This will help you decide how much to put in the water.

If you want to ensure total family safety, remove all the water and use equipment to scrub the sides and bottom. If you need more help maintaining your pool, please contact Clean and Clear Pools, Inc. We’re located in California, but will serve anyone who asks for assistance no matter where they live.

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