How To Deal With Cloudy Pool Water

Tips to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

Walking out to your backyard pool to enjoy a swim but instead you find a cloudy pool, can ruin your relaxing plans. Cloudy pool water can be a sign of many different things going wrong at once. Keep these pool maintenance tips in mind to help keep your pool looking its best.

  • Keep your pool clean – one of the most common reasons for a cloudy pool is excess debris that has fallen in the pool. Leaves and other types of organic debris can start to deteriorate in the pool, which will cause an imbalance of the chemicals. Skim out all debris as often as necessary, and clean out the filters and baskets.
  • Check the chemistry – improper chemistry in your pool can cause the water to become cloudy. Finding out what the issue with the chemistry is will help you determine how to fix the problem. Check the chlorine in your pool, as well as the PH balance and alkalinity.
  • Filtration issues – clogged filters can create cloudy and unsafe water in your pool. Depending on the type of filter that your pool has, clogged filters can mean backwashing, replacement, or cleaning.
  • Circulation issues – if your filter is working properly, but the chemistry of your pool is always slightly off, there may be an issue with the circulation. Poorly working circulation will not properly distribute the chemicals throughout your pool, which can cause the water to become cloudy and full of algae and other contaminants. In order to ensure that your water is circulating properly, it is important to make sure that the fittings are doing their job. The fitting should be pointed in a slightly downward position to ensure that they are working properly.

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