How to Get the Pool Ready for the Summer

Happy family with kids in pool having fun, summer vacationMemorial Day may be the unofficial start of Summer, but if a family has not yet opened their backyard pool by the start of July, it is time to do so. July 4th is definitely the time to usher in the warmer weather with a pool party. Yet, in order to do so, the pool must be cleaned and properly maintained. Here are some tips for how to go about your pool prepping and safety preparations.


If you chose to close your pool for the Summer months, then now is the time to inspect the pool for any damages that may have occurred due to the weather. Check for any cracks that may have developed in the pool cover that might have let dirt or debris enter the pool. Allow the pool cover to dry before putting it away and then check the rest of the pool for safety as well.


When preparing the pool to lie dormant for the Winter, plugs may have been placed in certain areas to protect it. Remove these plugs and then do some more inspecting to make sure there is no damage around the plugged up area.


Deep clean the pool before adding any chemicals.  Be certain all of the filters and the sides of the pool are cleaned thoroughly. Then clean the water as well. If water is needed, add more so that it is at the proper level. Then, put the chemicals in that finish cleaning the water and keep it at the proper pH levels. If these steps are followed, a party will be going strong before too long.

For more information about how to maintain your pool for the Summer, contact Clean and Clear Pools, Inc. in Danville, California. We will gladly provide for your pool service needs!

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