How to Winterize Your Pool

It is important to winterize your pool properly to keep it in shape for future use.

  • Clean pool.
  • Adjust pool water chemistry.
  • Remove debris. Empty debris tray.
  • Drop water level up to 12 inches below in-wall skimmer.
  • Turn heater off and extinguish pilot light.
  • Remove all drain plugs. If you have a heater, open the drain valve.
  • While draining, remove the “eye-balls” from the return inlets and any equipment from the skimmer and store. Use a Shop-Vac to remove remaining water from lines. Install a frost plug in the line to the main drain of pool.
  • Replace drain plugs in the pump housing. Loosely re-install backwash sight glass and filter plugs to continue draining.
  • Install remaining frost plugs in return inlets, in bottom of the skimmer. Insert block in skimmer and skimmer mouth.
  • Bring pressure valve inside for winter.
  • If your pool is salt-water, you also need to clean and drain salt cell.
  • Cover the pool if you own a cover.

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