Picking The Right Type Of Pool Cover

Pool covers keep debris out of the water and can help warm up chilly swimming areas when spring temperatures are still low. However, installing the wrong pool cover will only make it harder to use your pool when the time comes. Pick between the four main types based on your needs and plans.

Safety pool covers are best when pets and children are involved. They are similar to other covers, but are rated to hold up the weight of a curious explorer so they don’t sink into the water.

Track covers work well for people who prefer to cover their pool any time it isn’t in use. If you are tired of manhandling heavy vinyl, the sliding action of the permanent tracks will take a lot of the work out of it.

Solar covers use trapped air to encourage your water to warm up. While they can’t turn cold water hot, they do provide a boost of warmth on chilly days.

Finally, basic tie-down covers are also available. They only block debris, so consider another cover for the additional features.

If you need a little help keeping your Danville, California pool in top shape, call Clean and Clear Pools Inc. today.

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