Tips For Perfect Pool Maintenance!

Not everyone can afford the luxury having a swimming pool! If you are a fortunate pool-owner of America, it is important to keep it properly maintained! At Clean and Clear Pools, we want to make sure you are aware of everything you should be doing for your pool. Here are a few crucial pool safety tips to keep in mind as you enjoy the water for the remainder of the summer:

  • You should be skimming the surface of your pool at least a couple of times a week. When floating dirt and leaves finally sink to the bottom of your pool, they become harder to scrape out. Purchase a net with a long handle that you can use to remove excess debris.
  • Clear the strainer baskets weekly.
  • Vacuum your pool once a week. This will decrease the amount of chemicals you will need to add. Make sure the filter on your vacuum is clean.
  • Buy a brush with a long handle to scrap the tile of your pool. This should also be done weekly. Calcium can build up, and leave an unsightly white layer on your pool tiles. Be careful not to scrape so hard that your grout starts to degrade.
  • Clean your filter more than the packaging recommends.
  • Every now and then, you may need to hire a professional pool cleaning service to check on the pool heater. Occasionally, calcium can build up and impede the water from being properly heated.
  • Ensure that your pool is not losing too much water during the summer. Evaporation, and constant pool play can lead to a decreased water level. Keep the level about the skimmer to avoid damage to the pump.
  • Never buy pool maintenance tools off of the Internet. Consult a pool specialist who can provide you with the correct materials for your pool!

If you have any other questions regarding the best way to keep your pool in top-shape, please give the pool professionals at Clean and Clear Pools a call! We are the number one pool cleaning business in Danville, and can’t wait to service your pool!

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