Avoid Pesky Fall Leaves In Your Pool With These Tips

Fall Pool Cleaning Tips

Now that fall has officially started, you may find that your pool is covered in leaves. While there is no stopping Mother Nature, there are some steps that you can take to help limit the amount of leaves that make their way into your pool. Keep these tips in mind to keep your pool leaf-free this fall.

  • Install a leaf net – leaf nets are very light and can be removed much more easily than a more solid cover. While the leaves are falling in the early fall months, keep your pool covered with a leaf net whenever you are not swimming. Once all the leaves have fallen, you can easily pick up the leaf net and empty off the leaves.
  • Check your landscaping – most of the time, your landscaping is only adding to your leaf issue. Every few years, completely prune your trees back. Consider planting pool friendly plants, such as small to medium sized trees, tropical plants, and plants that do not flower.
  • Leaf blocks – setting up low fences, storage boxes, or hedges to block the prevailing winds across your pool can help to prevent the leaves from making their way into the water. A decorative fence around your pool will not only help to create a certain look, but it will also hold the leaves out of your pool until you can pick them up.

When it comes to removing the leaves that do make their way into your pool you have many options. From leaf rakes to a leaf bagger, investing in the right equipment can help your pool keep looking its best all season long.

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