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Cover Broken? Remove Leaves Easily With These Options

Here are a few easy options for removing leaves from your pool when your cover is broken. As winter settles in across Northern California, the leaves are still falling. The trees around your home are likely in the process of shedding the last of their leaves, and that can be a problem if you own a pool. It’s a hassle to

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Help Maintain Your Pool Cover in Winter

Winter Weather Pool Cover Care If you have any type of swimming pool, you will need to protect it from the winter elements, otherwise it could be damaged or destroyed. If a particularly cold snap were to happen in Northern California, your pool could be prone to ice damage. The most common mistake is that pool owners will think that

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Avoid Pesky Fall Leaves In Your Pool With These Tips

Fall Pool Cleaning Tips Now that fall has officially started, you may find that your pool is covered in leaves. While there is no stopping Mother Nature, there are some steps that you can take to help limit the amount of leaves that make their way into your pool. Keep these tips in mind to keep your pool leaf-free this

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