Help Maintain Your Pool Cover in Winter

Winter Pool Cover Care Tips Danville CA

Winter Weather Pool Cover Care

If you have any type of swimming pool, you will need to protect it from the winter elements, otherwise it could be damaged or destroyed. If a particularly cold snap were to happen in Northern California, your pool could be prone to ice damage.

The most common mistake is that pool owners will think that once the cover is installed, that this ends their responsibility of maintaining their pool. What they do not realize is that there is a lot more maintenance come winter.

So that you get the best quality of your pool for those hot and sunny months, know how to properly protect your swimming pool cover from winter!

Remove Ice and Water From a Pool Cover
The best way to do this is to use a pump once the ice has melted! The worst thing you can do it is to break off the ice as this may shatter into sharp pieces, ripping holes through the cover or cut into your hand! Prevent ice build-ups by keeping the water level on top of the pool cover to a minimum.

Protect Cover from Wind Damage
Heavy winds and rain can blow the pool cover around which could rip and tear the plastic. For an above ground swimming pool, you will want to secure the cover with pool clips that secure it to a railing. Another way to stop the pool cover from blowing away is to add water on top of the pool cover which weighs down the cover.

For an in-ground swimming pool, you should keep a small amount of water on top of the cover so that it does not lift from any wind.

Leaves & Tree Branches
Prevent this damage by hiring a professional tree specialist to remove any overhanging tree limbs that may land in your pool. In addition, buy a swimming pool leaf net that sits on top of your pool cover.

Rain Coming In
To prepare in advance for heavy rain set a pump on the step of the pool before closing it. If the water level becomes too high, you can turn on the pump to remove some excess.

For all of your Northern California pool cleaning needs to help keep your cover safe this winter, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California.

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