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Why You Need to Keep Your Pool Full All Winter

Check out what you need to know about keeping your pool full through the winter. During the winter, your pool doesn’t quite get as much use as it does in the summer. In fact, when it comes to your pool winterization process, you may be tempted to empty your pool for the winter so that you won’t have to worry

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You Don’t Need To (& Shouldn’t) Drain Your Pool For Repairs!

If you have repairs to do, it’s important you know that you don’t need to drain your pool for them. When you need to complete repairs on your pool, the natural tendency is to assume you need to drain it. After all, it will be much easier to tackle issues when they’re not underwater, right? Actually, draining your pool can have

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Help Maintain Your Pool Cover in Winter

Winter Weather Pool Cover Care If you have any type of swimming pool, you will need to protect it from the winter elements, otherwise it could be damaged or destroyed. If a particularly cold snap were to happen in Northern California, your pool could be prone to ice damage. The most common mistake is that pool owners will think that

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Make Your Pool Look Its Best With These Tips

Pool Maintenance Tips Backyard pools allow for a level of relaxation that you cannot find anywhere else. In order to fully enjoy your backyard pool, you will have to put in some work. Keep these pool maintenance tips in mind to help keep your pool water as clear as possible all year round. Make scrubbing and skimming a way of

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