Make Your Pool Look Its Best With These Tips

Pool Maintenance Tips

Backyard pools allow for a level of relaxation that you cannot find anywhere else. In order to fully enjoy your backyard pool, you will have to put in some work. Keep these pool maintenance tips in mind to help keep your pool water as clear as possible all year round.

  • Make scrubbing and skimming a way of life – to keep your pool pristine, you should be skimming out any leaves or other debris every day. You also need to regularly scrub the sides of your pool to prevent any algae build up. You can get away with scrubbing the sides of your pool just once a week to keep it clean.
  • Remember the filter – you should start thinking of your pool’s filter as its kidney. The filter is constantly working to keep impurities out of the water. Typically, all you have to do is turn off the filter, remove the filter basket, and remove the debris inside before replacing the filter. Once a month, you will want to clean out the pipes that are used by the filter system to prevent any backwashing.
  • Watch the water level – the physical water level of your pool is very important. The level can naturally fluctuate after hours of children playing in the water or a heavy rainstorm. Your water level should be halfway up the opening of your skimmer to ensure that everything is working properly. If the water is too low, simply use your hose to get the level back up.
  • Use tennis balls – a new pack of tennis balls can be used for much more than just a game of catch. The fibers of the ball will work to absorb the various oils that are produced by your skin when you go swimming.

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