You Don’t Need To (& Shouldn’t) Drain Your Pool For Repairs!

Don't Drain Your Pool Danville CAIf you have repairs to do, it’s important you know that you don’t need to drain your pool for them.

When you need to complete repairs on your pool, the natural tendency is to assume you need to drain it. After all, it will be much easier to tackle issues when they’re not underwater, right?

Actually, draining your pool can have disastrous consequences. Here are just a few reasons why we say, “don’t drain your pool for repairs!”

  1. When you drain the water out of your pool, you lose the weight of that water bearing down on your pool’s structure. Because pools depend on the water in them to keep their shape, this can be catastrophic. Your pool could “float” up out of the ground or its shell could crack. In fact, blistering pool plaster is not uncommon in an empty pool.
  2. The empty pool leaves a huge liability on your property. You face the risk that an animal – or even a person – could fall into the gaping hole in the ground. You’d be hard pressed to defend yourself against a lawsuit should one arise due to the injuries incurred.
  3. You could face penalties. For starters, if you dump your pool to the sewer you’ll likely be engaging in illegal activity since that’s outlawed in most California counties. Then, when you refill your pool, you’ll likely go well over current water restrictions!

The good news? There are companies who can complete your necessary pool repairs without the need to drain it. Hiring a professional who can tackle the task without requiring drainage can help you avoid major immediate and long-term issues with your pool.

Would you like to learn more about how you can preserve your pool’s water level even when it needs repairs and maintenance? To talk to the Northern California pool maintenance experts, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville. Don’t drain your pool; call us first!

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