Cover Broken? Remove Leaves Easily With These Options

Remove Leaves Easy Danville CAHere are a few easy options for removing leaves from your pool when your cover is broken.

As winter settles in across Northern California, the leaves are still falling. The trees around your home are likely in the process of shedding the last of their leaves, and that can be a problem if you own a pool. It’s a hassle to get the leaves off your pool cover, but it can be an even bigger headache if your pool cover is broken.

If you’re facing a broken pool cover, don’t worry! You still have some easy options to help you remove leaves this winter.


If you’ve got a little extra time and energy on your hands, you can handle the leaf build up yourself. Just make sure you have the right tools. A leaf rake is a great way to stay on top of leaves in your pool; you simply need to regularly use it. If your leaf buildup has gotten out of control and a leaf rake won’t do the trick, you can consider a Leaf Gulper to tackle the task.

Prevent the Issue

Once you get the leaves out of your pool, you can avoid future buildup by buying a leaf net. This net lays across your pool – either on top of your pool cover or straight on the surface of the water – and catches leaves before they can get into your pool. You simply need to empty it periodically.

Call A Pro

Keeping up with the leaves on your Danville, California pool can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the pool maintenance pros can take it off your plate entirely! To learn more about how Clean and Clear Pools can ensure you never have to fish another leaf out of your pool, contact us today!

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