Pool Covers 101!

If you are a pool owner, you probably own some form of pool cover that you use to protect your pool while it is not in use. Most pool covers are solar bubble covers that float on the surface of the water. Heat absorbing bubble covers are also available, and are designed to take up some of the sun’s energy. The latter form is better for climates with very hot temperatures.

Covers are beneficial for many reasons including:

  • Prevention of dirt and debris entering the pool
  • Preserves water by drastically lowering the evaporation rate
  • Reduces filter time by half
  • Decreases chemical consumption
  • Heats the water (solar covers only)

If you purchase a pool cover, you should educate yourself on how to maintain it properly. By doing so, you can drastically increase its lifetime, and reduce the amount of money you spend on covers in the future! Your pool is full of harsh chemicals that can eat away at the pool cover material. Additionally, UV rays are constantly beating down on the cover, making it more brittle over time. Be sure to always regulate your pool’s chemistry, and make sure your pump is functioning properly.

When your cover is not being used to protect your pool, you should store it somewhere in the shade. When it comes time to clean your cover, simply sweep the accumulated dirt and debris to one corner, then into a dustpan. You can also use a hose to guide debris toward a skimmer.

If you would like to speak to a pool professional about the proper way to take care of your pool cover, give us a call at Clean and Clear Pools, located in Danville! We want to be your one-stop shop for all of your pool-related needs!

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