How To Get Your Pool Ready For Spring

swimming pool maintenance

Spring Pool Maintenance Tips

Spring is just around the corner, which means that it is time to get your pool ready for the busy season. Along with planning your first pool party in spring, keep these pool maintenance tips in mind to prepare your pool for the warmer weather.

  • Clean your pool cover – before you take your cover off, remove any debris that has collected on the top. If there is any water on your cover, make sure it is as tight as possible and use your cover pump to remove it. Solid debris can be removed from the cover with a mesh net.
  • Remove the cover – if your cover has side water bags to keep it weighed down, empty them. Once they have been removed, fold the cover in an accordion style while removing it from the top of the pool. Set the cover somewhere to allow it to dry, and then pack it up for future use.
  • Inspection – check the skimmer basket, pump, plugs, pressure gauges, and connection. If there is any sever damage, replace the item. If the item can be fixed, mend it with waterproof products.
  • Water – add more water to your pool if the water level dropped during the winter. Make sure to never completely empty your pool since it can cause serious damage. Check the pool for any structural damage or leaks.
  • Clean – use a net to clean out any debris that fell into your pool while it was not being used. Do not forget to check the water chemistry. Let the water circulate for 8 hours before testing it.

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