Choosing The Right Pump For Your Pool

Pool Pump Options

Choosing the right pool pump is one of the most important steps in keeping your backyard pool clean. However, figuring out which pump will work best for your needs can be much easier said than done. Keep these tips in mind to help find the perfect pump for your pool.

  • Single speed pumps – since single speed pumps only work at one speed, they will pump the same amount of water no matter how much you are using your pool. Single speed pumps are great at moving water and creating a strong flow. They are also very affordable and easy to fine. However, single speed pumps can cost you much more over the life of the pump since they are not very energy efficient.
  • Two speed pumps – these pumps will work very similar to single speed pumps, but also give you the option to run at a high or low speed. The low setting is most frequently used for basic circulation functions while the high setting is used for running your pool heater or vacuuming your pool. They can help save tons of energy since they only need to run on the low setting about 70 percent of the time. They do have a much higher price tag than a single speed option, and may not be able to save you as much as you expect on your energy bill.
  • Variable speed pumps – as the newest type of pool pump available, variable speed pumps allow you to adjust the flow of the pump to exactly what you need. Variable speed pumps run much quieter than other options, as well as stay much cooler. Since the speed can be chosen by you, it can lead to high energy savings. Since they are the newest pumps on the market, you can expect to pay a high price for one.

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