Pool Remodel Ideas To Take Your Pool To The Next Level

Modern house  swimming pool nightRemodel Ideas

While having a typical, run of the mill swimming pool helps you cool down in the hot summer heat, it is not very eye catching. Remodeling your pool can help to make it a focal point in your backyard that everyone will talk about after taking a dip. Consider these simple remodel ideas to take your pool to the next level.

  • Waterfalls – adding a waterfall to your pool is a great way to add something extra. A natural stone waterfall that is made with stones from the local area can be put in for a low price, while adding visual interest. The sound of the cascading water can also be very calming while lying on a raft.
  • Fountain bubblers – if you have small children, they will love fountain bubblers. These features are installed into the shallow end of your pool, and shoot up water like a mini geyser.
  • Fire pit – installing a fire pit next to your pool is becoming more and more popular. They can be custom built to meet your specific needs and wants, and can be a center point for all of your entertainment. They also help to make your backyard usable all year long.
  • Steps and paths – streaming light along walkways and steps can make a dramatic effect, while also making it much safer to walk at night. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to lighting paths and steps, so only use enough light to allow people to see where they are going when it is dark out.

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