Find Out How to Keep Your Pool’s Safety Cover in Good Condition

How to Keep Your Pool’s Safety Cover in Good ConditionLearn how to keep your pool cover in good shape with these maintenance tips.  

During the winter, you’re likely not using your pool very often. Temperatures are chilly, and you’ve winterized your pool. To keep your pool in the best condition possible, you’ve invested in the right pool safety cover. That way you can keep dirt and debris out of your pool, as well as any unwelcome visitors like woodland creatures. However, it’s important that you keep your pool cover in good condition. Check out these tips to help you keep your pool safety cover safe and secure.

What is a safety cover?

Different from a regular pool cover, a pool safety cover is a special type of cover that serves as a barrier to prevent large entities from entering your pool. While it helps to keep dirt and debris out of your pool, it also helps to prevent any poolside accidents and keep animals out of your pool.

How to keep your safety cover maintained.

When it comes to keeping your pool safe, it’s important that you take good care of your safety cover. The better that your safety cover works, the safer your pool can be.

  • Keep it tight. Your pool’s safety cover needs to be stretched tight over your pool. The tighter the stretch, the better able it is to keep your pool safe.
  • Be wary of holes. If there are any holes in your pool cover, ensure that you address them as soon as possible. Repair small holes and know when a hole is too big to repair.

When it comes to your pool, it’s important to take the necessary measures to stay up on your pool maintenance. For all your pool services, contact the professionals at Clean & Clear Pools! Located in Danville, California, we serve the Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo communities.

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