How To: Avoid An Overflowing Pool & Safety Hazards During El Niño

Pool Safety During El Nino Danville CAEl Niño is coming! Use this guide to avoid an overflowing pool and safety hazards.

El Niño isn’t always a concern for Northern California. This year, however, it’s going to have to be. Climate experts are predicting that the coming El Niño will be one of the biggest in recent memory, and will likely rival 1997’s El Niño. In case you’re not familiar with that storm, it did $500 million of damage.

Are you ready for another monster El Niño to slam Danville, California? Make sure you don’t face an overflowing pool and practice pool safety during El Niño with this guide.

  • Look at Levels. Don’t freak out and drain your pool; that can do serious damage! Instead, lower your water level by a few inches to accommodate for the extra rain. You can always drain more water out if needed.
  • Test your Drainage. You could end up with downright nasty pool water if your backyard doesn’t have good drainage. Make sure water isn’t going to wash through your yard into your pool, carrying dirt and worse with it. Test your drainage today to identify any issues you might face during El Ninõ. That way, you can deal with them before the deluge.
  • Secure your Outdoor Areas. El Niño won’t just bring rain; it will also bring winds. Make sure patio accessories are tied down, particularly large and potentially dangerous items like furniture and umbrellas. The last thing you want to have to do is pick splintered wood or shattered glass out of your pool once the storm passes!

We know that preparing your pool for this kind of monster El Niño can feel daunting, so we want to lend our pool maintenance expertise to you. To get answers to your questions and service for your pool before, during, and after El Niño, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California.

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