Keep Your Friends & Family Safe by the Pool with These Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips For Your Friends & Family

Pool safety is a must! Check out these tips.

Pools are great fun. They’re especially refreshing in the summer as a way to cool off from the hot sun. However, it’s important to put safety first and foremost. Check out these ways to stay safe by the pool with these pool safety tips.

  • Establish the rules of the pool. Make it known to your kids, friends, and neighbors that there are rules when it comes to using the pool. No running, no diving, no swimming alone, and stay away from the drain covers.
  • Watch your kids when they’re swimming in the pool. Your kids should never be left to swim by themselves. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen. Stay close by so that you can prevent any accidents from happening.
  • Stick to the buddy system. Even if you’re an excellent swimmer or if your kids are grown, make it a rule to always have a buddy when swimming in the pool. It’s good company, and it’s a safeguard against any accidents.
  • Fence in your pool. Curious children and pets can be at an increased risk of falling into the pool. Avoid any poolside mishaps and have your pool securely fenced.
  • Keep a first aid kit on hand. You never know when an accident may happen. From a cut on a rough tile to a cannonball accident, keep a first aid kit near your pool. That way you can attend to and minor cuts and scrapes right away. However, in the event of a serious injury, call emergency services right away.
  • Ensure your pool is clean. Pools are large bodies of stagnant water which can harbor bacteria and pose a health hazard. Have your pool cleaned regularly to avoid any algae or bacterial growth.

Keep your friends and family safe with these pool safety tips. For help with cleaning your pool, be sure to hire pool cleaning professionals. For all your pool services, contact the professionals at Clean & Clear Pools! Located in Danville, California, we serve the Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo communities.

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