Common Pool Questions, Answered

Tips For A Perfect Pool!

Backyard pools are one of the most relaxing parts of summer. Taking a quick dip in your pool can be enough to eliminate all of the stress of the day. However, properly taking care of your backyard pool can be much easier said than done. Knowing the answer to these common pool questions can help to ensure that your pool continues to look and work its best all year round.

  • Should you really get a weekly pool service? In order to keep your pool as clean and as safe as possible, you should make sure to have weekly maintenance. Depending on how much time you are willing to spend on your pool each week, enlisting the help of a professional pool service such as Clean and Clear Pools can help to ensure that your pool is ready for a dip.
  • Can I prevent stains in my pool? Pool stains are caused by minerals and metals that come in contact with your water. Introducing sequestering agents into your pool can help you pull these minerals and metals out of the water.
  • Do I need a pool heater? The simple answer is no. While you do not need a pool heater to use your pool, it can help to make your pool much more comfortable in the fall and winter season. They will also work to heat your pool much faster than solar covers.
  • Should I consider a pool cover?  If you choose to cover your pool don’t forget to let your water breath.  It is very important that you uncover the pool 50% of the time especially in the hotter months.  When the pool is covered your water is more apt to grow algae and harbor germs.

For more pool tips to ensure that your pool is always ready for your next get-together, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California. We can help with all of your pool service needs to ensure that your pool is always sparkling.

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