Celebrate the Start of Summer with the Best Pool Toys for Your Kids

The Best Pool Toys for Your Kids

Explore the latest and greatest in pool toys for your kids.

The weather is warming up, and summer vacation is almost here. As your kids spend their days out by the pool, keep them entertained with the best pool toys. From water guns to inflatable slides, there are lots of toys that can keep your little ones entertained all summer. Check out these top pool toys for your kids.

Pool Toy Torpedoes.  

When it comes to these little guys, they’re lots of fun for your kiddos. Try your hand at throwing these torpedoes under the water and watch them glide through the water to the other side of the pool. Not only are they fun to play with, but they can help to improve your child’s swim skills. As they play, they’ll need to swim after the torpedo to retrieve it.

Pool Noodles.

These noodles are a pool toy classic. Buoyant, colorful, and hollow, they’re the perfect toy for your kids all summer long. Kids can use them to play all sorts of games or to simply relax and float in the water. Just keep in mind that these toys are not intended to be used as a lifesaving device.

Inflatable Toys.

From slides to islands to giant sharks to baby canopies, there are lots of uses for inflatable pool toys. You can use them for a makeshift water slide, or you can use inner tubes to take a break from swimming to float through the water. Such toys are a childhood pool toy must-have!

Swim Rings.

Build an obstacle course for your kids in the pool. Swim rings are a great way to help your child refine his or her swimming skills. These rings float in the water so that they’re suspended underwater. That way your kids can practice swimming through the rings.

Let your kids enjoy summer all season long with these best pool toys. For help with cleaning your pool, be sure to hire pool cleaning professionals. For all your pool services, contact the professionals at Clean & Clear Pools! Located in Danville, California, we serve the Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo communities.

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