Kickoff The New Year With This Pool Workout

Pool Workout Danville CA

Try this pool workout to stay healthy in the new year!

The new year has begun! Make a new year resolution to exercise more. Try this pool workout to stay fit all year long!

Rock and Roll

You’ll need a beach ball for this exercise! To work your back, abs, legs, and booty, hug a beach ball and float on your back. Then roll in a 360-degree revolution. Continue rolling for 30 seconds as you alternate directions.

Underwater Pilates

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class before, the hundreds exercise is a staple. This pool version requires you to sit in a V position, keeping your head and toes above water. Tread water by cupping your hands in small circles and pushing down. Pump your arms for for 30 seconds. This exercise works your abs, hips, and arms.

Do the Wave

This wave exercise requires you to move your whole body in a wave motion. Hold on the the pool deck and extend your legs behind you. Using your ab muscles, make a wave from your abdomen to your feet. Continue this motion for 30 seconds. This exercise works your back, abs, legs, and booty.

Dolphin Arc

Using the beach ball, extend your arms in front of you as you float face-down at 180 degrees. Bring the ball to your thighs making an arc through the water. Continue for 30 seconds. Make sure to take a breath between each motion! This exercise works your shoulders, back, triceps, and abs.

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