Protect Your Pool from Northern California Winds

Abandoned swimming pool in bad rusty conditionThe weather can bring damaging winds to our beautiful northern California. Pool covers aren’t sufficient in protecting your swimming pool from these windy conditions.  There isn’t a way to keep debris out of your pool when the winds pick up, but there are ways to protect your pool.  Always keep your pool clean and maintained by Clean and Clear Pools, Inc. in order to reduce the amount of harm done to your pool in the windy weather.

When the winds start to pick up, it is important not to drain the water from your pool, as this could allow more damage to be done to your lining and floor.  It is easier to clean up after a windy day than to repair the pool.  There is even the chance that the pool could be pushed out of the ground by the water table if it were to rise.  Don’t use a cover on the pool to try to keep debris out of the water.  It could actually cause more damage to the pool.  Pool covers don’t protect the pool from dirt and debris, and the winds can easily lift and damage the cover.  Sharp branches and other flying objects could damage the cover as well.

Make sure that all patio furniture, grills, pool toys and other equipment is put away or secured.  All planters should be cement and extremely heavy so that they are not easily moved or turned over, and they should be kept far away from the pool.  Always keep leaves, sticks and other normal yard debris clear from the yard so that it is not blown into the pool.  Before the windy weather approaches, check the trees and branches that could potentially be blown down around your home.  Trim all dead branches, and any overgrown trees that surround your pool area.

For more information on how to protect your pool from the northern California windy weather, contact Clean and Clear Pools, Inc.  We serve the Danville, Ca and surrounding area to ensure that every customer’s pool is in its best condition.

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