Find Out if Solar Heating is Right for Your Pool. Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Solar Heating Right For Your Pool?

Learn why you should use solar heating to keep your pool warm.

Despite warm summer temperatures, water takes a long time to heat up. To keep your pool ready for swimming, it may need a little help staying warm. The problem is that pool heaters guzzle energy and can cause your utility bill to skyrocket. Learn how you can save money and conserve energy with a solar pool heater. Check out what you need to know.

How Solar Heating Works:

The solar heating system works cyclically. A solar collector absorbs ultraviolet rays that are then used to heat the water. Before the water is heated, a filter removes any debris. The water then passes through a flow control valve to be heated. It is then pumped back into the pool.

Cost Benefits of Solar Heating:

While solar heaters are expensive to install, they’re less expensive in the long run. They will last anywhere from one and a half to seven years, which is longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters. If you have the right conditions to install a solar heating system, it can save you money. However, before you make the decision to switch, crunch all the numbers to ensure it pays off in the long run. Consider how much energy the solar collector will store, how many panels you’ll need, and how expensive it will be to install the new system.

How to Pick a Solar Heater:

When it comes to picking a solar heater, there are some factors to consider. You must determine how much sun your yard gets, how big the system needs to be, where to install the solar collector to maximize usage, how efficient the system will be, and if there are any local regulations that you must follow before installing the heater. Once you determine the answers to these factors, you can find a solar heater that meets these specifications.

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