Solar Pool Covers: Are They Worth It?

Deciding if you should invest in a solar pool cover?  Here are some pros and cons to consider.


Solar pool covers provide the same benefits as regular pools covers.  They keep debris out of your pool, prevent algae growth, and reduce pool evaporation.  Keeping your pool relatively free of leaves, dirt, and other annoying muck, means less time spent cleaning.  Same thing with the algae growth.  The less algae there is, the more time you can spend actually enjoying your pool.  By using a solar pool cover, you can also limit the evaporation of your pool water.  This is a huge money saver as the costly chemicals used to keep your pool clean tend to evaporate along with pool water.  Keep the water and those expensive chemicals in your pool where they belong.

The biggest pro of solar pool covers is that they prevent heat loss.  Instead of relying on your pool heater, solar pool covers allow you to use the heat of the sun to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.  While regular pool covers can allow heat to escape, solar pool covers are designed to maintain the temperature of your pool even when the air temperature drops outside.


One of the downsides associated with solar pool covers is that they are a financial investment.  Solar pool covers need to be sized specifically for your pool, and there is a cost associated with this personalized fitting.  Additionally, it’s advised to purchase your solar pool cover from a reputable vendor as lower-end models tend to deteriorate and can require multiple replacements.

Another con is that that you will have to take the time to remove your solar pool cover before using your pool.  While this may not seem like a huge deal, some pool owners find this delay annoying.

Consider these pros and cons as you’re deciding if a solar pool cover is right for you, and remember to contact the trusted team at Clean and Clear Pools for all your pool maintenance needs.

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