How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Opening Your Pool For Summer

Summer has officially started, which means that it is time to open up your pool for the season! If you decided to properly close down your pool for the winter, opening it back up should be very easy. Keep these tips in mind to start getting your pool ready for the season.

  • Check the chemicals – take an inventory of all of your chemicals to see if you need to refill any or if you have any expired chemicals that need to be properly disposed of. You should also make sure that you have enough chemicals to get you through the year.
  • Clean your deck and pool cover – before you take the cover off your pool, clean it off to prevent any debris from getting swept into the pool. It will also help to extend the life of your cover and ensure that it is ready for use when the weather cools down again.
  • Inspect your pool – if you have a vinyl lined pool, check for washouts or tears that can mean serious issues. If you find a small tear, it can easily be fixed with a patch kit that is available at your local pool store. If you have a fiberglass or concrete pool, check for cracks in the waterline tile, plaster, or any depressions in the decking.
  • Reinstall the skimmer baskets and fittings – if you used a winter plate, remove it from the skimmer box and reinstall the skimmer. Hook up any hoses to the skimmer and return jets that lead to the filter and pump. Make sure that all of your fittings are in good condition and are clean.

For all of your pool service needs and to ensure that your pool looks its best throughout the summer, contact the professionals at Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California.

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