The Clear Choice: Using a Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming pool in backyardAs a pool owner, you quickly learn there’s a lot more to cleaning a pool than fishing out debris and pouring in chlorine. Experienced pool cleaners mix a little bit of art with their science, to keep water clear and clean, monitor chemicals and ensure filtration equipment works properly.

Having an experienced hand perform those tasks is part of the benefit of using a professional pool-cleaning service. When you hire a service to clean your pool you also receive:

Convenient scheduling: A pool service can visit when the pool is not in demand. Visits can be scheduled once a week or more often, depending on the size of the pool and how often it is used. Some pool services also offer a monthly visit that concentrates on

Specialized services: A pool service can provide specialized services to shock a pool’s chlorine content, manage salt content in salt water pools, and clear the lines of solar pool heaters. A service can also open the pool when swimming season begins and close it at the end of the season.

More personal time: The hours spent cleaning and monitoring water quality and temperature can build up over the swimming season. A pool service frees your time for other commitments  or just enjoying yourself.

Consistent quality: When you use a pool service, you know you’re getting expert care. Pool techs provide consistent, quality cleaning that results in a clear pool with a safe amount of chlorine, and assures you that your pool-related equipment is running as it should.

Visual inspections: A pool service will check your pool and accessories for damage, wear and malfunctions. This can include checking the pool heater, making sure the pool drains properly and checking the pool itself for leaks or cracks.

To learn more about pool cleaning services in Danville and Northern California, contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc.

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