The Most Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Item a Pool Must Have

swimming poolEveryone loves to enjoy their pool! Especially in the hot summer months. But fewer people enjoy maintaining their pools. In fact, most pool owners neglect several common areas of maintenance a pool really needs.

That’s too bad because these commonly missed pool maintenance items can lead to bigger headaches and more expensive repairs. If you take a few minutes to fix them now, you can save yourself trouble later on, and give your family many more days of enjoyment in their pool.

Joint Sealant (Mastic) is Important

Commonly referred to as “grout”, the rubber sealant in between your pool coping (the rim around the pool) and your home deck or patio, is really called mastic. This is a rubbery material that acts like a buffer zone keeping the water from seeping into your wood deck.

Often overlooked, the barrier is very important because it not only seals out water and keeps it from penetrating your wood. It also works like a shock absorber. It allows the deck boards to move back and forth against the solid structure of the pool, to reduce cracking, chipping and further damage.

Mastic won’t last very long. As soon as it cracks, it loses it’s waterproofing ability and is no longer useful. 

As water seeps through the mastic, your decking boards swell. After some time the entire deck can lift upwards creating a lip at the edge of the pool. That’s structurally unsound and dangerous.

Replacement mastic is fairly easy. After removing the old mastic, simply refill the ridge. 

If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can always hire a professional pool service. Our pool service can perform a replacement for a reasonable cost.

To learn more contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc. in Danville, California today.

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