Tips for Keeping Your Pool Open Year-Round

Find out how to keep your pool open all year long.

Though many pool owners choose to winterize (close down) their pool during the winter, you don’t have to!  By leaving your pool open all winter, you can continue to enjoy your pool’s view and save money on winterization costs.  If you do decide to keep your pool open year-round, there are a few things that you need to know and prepare for.

Keep it Clean

Luckily, winter pool maintenance tends to be less labor intensive than summer pool care.  By the time winter hits, there aren’t many falling leaves to worry about.  However, an uncovered pool still requires cleaning.  Vacuuming and brushing are recommended to remove accumulated film and prevent staining.

Run the Pumps

While colder temperatures might mean that the surface of your pool freezes, the water running through pipes will not.  Most Americans don’t have to worry about plumbing or equipment freezing so long as they keep all their pumps running.  Your pool doesn’t necessarily need to be heated, the water just needs to keep moving.  If you live in places that don’t experience freezing winter temperatures, you might not have to run your pumps constantly.  However, if the temperature hits 32°F and below, you should keep that water circulating.

Maintain its Balance

During winter, your pool will require fewer chemicals, but it’s still important to monitor your pool’s chemistry.  When you leave your pool uncovered, it is subject to the elements and this can affect the chemical balance of the water.  Check chlorine, pH, calcium, and alkalinity levels to maintain ideal water quality.

Shut Down Water Features

If your pool boasts features such as waterfalls or fountains, you might want to consider winterizing just these features.  Close off the pipes that feed water to these features while keeping other plumbing active.  This will prevent the damage caused by water seeping into stone elements and freezing.

Keep these tips in mind and consider keeping you pool open year-round.  Remember to contact the friendly professionals at Clean and Clear Pools to schedule your pool maintenance all year long.

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