6 Common Pool Filter Issues

As a pool owner, you are probably no stranger to the frustration that accompanies a clogged pool filter. Clean and Clear Pools is here to give you some information regarding common filter problems, and indications you need a replacement:
1. If backwash is building up in your filter over time, causing you to increase the number of times you clean it each month, your filter is probably too old. Each filter has a cycle life, and will eventually need to be replaced.
2. If filter sand or backwash is migrating back into your pool in large quantities, or you are finding a layer of filter sand at the bottom of your pool, your filter may be broken.
3. Use a filter gauge to determine whether or not your filter pressure is off. If the gauge indicates that it is too low, you need to check for a clog. If the gauge indicates it is too high, that means there is some sort of block past the pool filter.
4. Does your filter leak? If so, remove the O-ring and clean it. You may even want to add a bit of lubricant before putting it back on.
5. Check your drain plug for leakage as well. Use superglue to fill in any cracks that may be present, and make sure you don’t over tighten when reinstalling the plug!
6. If your drain plug and filter are both in tact, but you still have a leak, your filter tank may be the problem. Only consider investing in a replacement if there is a complete hole in the tank.
If you need help removing a nasty clog or replacing a filter, contact the pool experts at Clean and Clear Pools, located in Danville! Our experienced employees put customer service first, and are eager to assist you with all of your pool service needs. Serving the Danville area, we promise our service will exceed your expectations! Contact us, today!

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