Using Salt to Sanitize a Hot Tub? Three Things to Consider

Salt water sanitation systems for hot tubs have grown in popularity in recent years, with proponents pointing to a number of alleged benefits to the system, the environment, and the health of people using the hot tub. Upon closer inspection, however, it appears that salt water sanitization systems may not be all they are cracked up to be. Here are three myths that are misleading some consumers regarding hot tub sanitation:

  • Salt water sanitation is chemical-free. In reality, the systems use salt and water to create chemicals within the system, including chlorine, which can be harsh on your skin.
  • Salt water systems save money. The monthly maintenance for hot tub salt is about eight dollars less than standard chlorine, but the systems themselves cost hundreds of dollars, and sometimes thousands — more than you’ll ever make back on monthly savings.
  • Salt water systems are hands-free and automated. While this may be true at times, there is still plenty of work demanded of owners to keep the system running properly. including a regular cleaning every three months.

Don’t risk your hot tub’s health by cutting corners on cleaning and maintenance. Invest in cleaning services that will keep your hot tub in great shape for years to come. For more information about hot tub servicing in the Danville, California area, contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc. today.

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