Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Winter Pool Maintenance Tips Danville CA

Prepare your pool for wintertime with winter pool maintenance tips!

Although California winter weather is more mild than most of the United States, pool use may not be as popular in the winter. However, even with lessened use, there’s maintenance to consider during the colder months. With lessened use, you still need to keep an eye on your pool. Maintain your pool all winter long with these winter pool maintenance tips!

  • Keep your pool serviced regularly. Whether you choose a weekly or monthly options, make sure you have a pool cleaning service keep your pool in proper working order.
  • Pay attention to your pH. A normal pH should be between 7.2 to 7.8. However, you may need to adjust the chlorine level to 1-4ppm to ensure your pool remains sanitized.
  • Temperature. As temperatures grow colder, your pool’s temperature is also drops. Your pool’s temperature determines how often you should check the water conditions. The warmer your pool is, the more frequently you should check. So if your pool is 55-70 degrees check the water conditions once per week, any colder check the conditions once per month.
  • Freezing forecast. In the event that temperatures do fall below 32 degrees, make sure you’re prepared! Run the pool heater for a few hours per day or run the filter system to circulate the water. In either case, they should keep your pool from freezing.

Establish a pool schedule! There are a lot of components to keeping your pool maintained during the winter. Mark your calendar to ensure that your pool is properly maintained all season long!

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