Pool Safety Tips To Keep You Safe All Winter Long

Winter Pool Safety Tips Danville CA

Stay safe this winter with pool safety tips!

While you may not be swimming as much during the winter as you do in the summer, pool safety is still essential. Keep these winter pool safety tips in mind when you take a dip this winter.

  • Stick to the buddy system. You should never swim alone. Water poses a risk for drowning no matter your skill set. A buddy system helps to prevent any dangerous swimming mishaps.
  • Stay vigilant when watching your kids. Keep a constant eye on your children, or any children for that matter, while they’re in or around the pool. You never know what trouble they can get into.
  • Keep your pool maintained all season long. Just because you aren’t using your pool as much doesn’t mean you can let maintenance fall to the wayside. Keep your pool clean and clear. Eliminate debris and get rid of rain water on your pool cover.
  • Colder temperatures make your pool’s hot tub inviting. But the hot tub can pose a few dangers. Make sure to keep the temperatures below 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) and always keep a 1:1 ratio when it comes to kids and adults. Don’t spend too long in the hot tub either. Wading in high temperatures isn’t good for anyone’s health.
  • Because you’re not using your pool as much during the winter, you may feel inclined to entertain and set mood lighting. After all, decorative lights look beautiful when reflecting off the water. But water and electricity don’t mix. Be very careful when using electronics near the water and keep children away from any outlets near your pool.

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